First Place!!!!!!!

‘The way of the Horse’ 2014



from 20-23 November 2014 at the Melbourne Showgrounds



The way of the horse

 Welcome to Bruce O’Dell Breaking and Equine Education


Do your 2 year olds ride on a relaxed loose rein?

Are your breakers balanced enough to pick up lead changes and hold a circle at a canter?

Are they content to be shod, rugged, floated, boxed and walked through barriers?




Breaking can be a stressful time for a young horse. With over 20 years experience, we provide a safe stress free learning environment for your young horse.

 Each horse is started as an individual catering for different needs depending on your chosen field of activity.
More emphasis on hip and shoulder control would apply to a dressage horse, whereas getting a thoroughbred totally relaxed walking through barriers would be a priority.

We believe a good solid education on any horse is essential regardless of discipline, this helps eliminate rider frustration, panicked horses and fewer problems.


Our breakers leave us:


Float Loading

Boxed – last week – nights only

Walking relaxed through barriers

Ridden in the Paddock


Working Balanced

Picking up Leads at the Canter


We pride ourselves on the condition of our breakers upon return.

All are grained and fed prime lucerne hay twice daily.