Become A Better Horseman… with Bruce O’Dell

Winner of the 2014 Way of the Horse at Equitana, Bruce is the best person to help you become a better horseman.

His clinics offer NO GIMMICK Gentle Methods to help round out those basic horsemanship skills.


Bruce believes establishing the basics and providing people with methods helps eliminate  rider frustration and confused horses. Covering the physical, mental, and emotional state of the horse is essential in moving forward . Individual exercises, for individual partnerships result in better communication between horse and rider. This is what we have to offer – skills for the individual- some times you need to think outside the square, no one horse or owner think, are built, or respond the same. Through years of experience working with and reading  horses with personality types of all kinds , Bruce has his methods on offer to you
Catering to your particular needs Bruce’s Clinics covers:

  • Colt Starting
  • Ground Skills
  • Horsemanship under saddle
  • Campdraft foundationsIMG_2962_2
  • Problem solving





Clinics  and available dates upon enquiry


To find out more about Bruce’s clinics please email: